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Services We Provide

UC San Diego Special Events and Protocol provides a full range of services to the UC San Diego campus and beyond. We can help with all aspects of producing a successful UC San Diego event.

Event Types

  • Anniversaries and Memorials
  • Campus Leadership Welcomes
  • Celebrations, Ceremonies and Awards
  • Donor and Community Engagement Events
  • Groundbreaking and Dedications
  • Press Conferences
  • Signature Events

Event Management and Consultation

Our expert consulting services are tailored specifically to UC San Diego's mission, catering to our clients' unique needs, goals, and values. With a deep understanding of high profile events, we bring forth innovative strategies and a collaborative approach to take your special events to new heights.

  • Conceptualize and design events
  • Provide event consultation to campus units
  • Develop proposals, budgets and timelines
  • Coordinate event logistics
  • Create programming
  • Identify audiences and develop marketing strategies
  • Recommend vendors and on-campus event venues
  • Advise on event-related university policies and procedures
  • Manage ceremonies of campus-wide significance such as groundbreakings, dedications, important anniversaries, commemorations, and high profile dignitary visits
  • Partner on cornerstone campus events, such as UC San Diego Triton Days

 Protocol Expertise

  • Consult on academic, social, business and diplomatic protocol and forms of address
  • Address international and cultural questions involving dignitaries and VIPs
  • Alert campus departments of dignitary/VIP visitors to campus
  • Identifying appropriate seating and/or speaking orders for dignitaries and leaders
  • Liaison to the UC Regents Office, UC Office of the President, and the UC San Diego Chancellor's Office on event-related matters

Events Council

  • We host council meetings to provide networking and educational opportunities to UC San Diego event planning professionals. Learn more.

Request Our Services

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